A New Way To Reach Customers

A step by step guide to how TECOBI® will change your digital marketing

Facebook Ad Management

First, our Facebook® ad specialists will create and manage compelling (sales and service) ad campaigns targeted at people near your dealership.

Our focus is on creating high impact ads that generate quaility text message leads. We are experts at getting people to click the ads we create. With our huge library of ads and our vast experience we can help you issolate which ads will work best for your dealership.

  • Vehicle Buyback
  • Bad Credit
  • New Vehicle
  • Used Vehicle
  • Service Offers
  • Finance Offers
  • Event Sales
  • Employment Offers
Click to Text Message

Within seconds of someone clicking on one of your Facebook® Lead Gen ads, TECOBI® will send them an instant text message about the offer they clicked on. This puts you in instant contact with people who have clicked your ads.

This is the fastest way to generate a lead from an ad click. Most other forms of advertising require the customer to complete a form. With TECOBI® their information is retreived right from their Facebook® profile. No forms to complete, resulting in 100% conversion.

  • No Forms to Complete
  • 100% Conversion
  • Instant Communication
  • Higher Closing Rates
  • Customizable Auto Response
  • Opt-out Compliance
Manage Your Leads

Our Mobile First application is the best way for a business to handle a high volume of text message leads across a team of people.

We use advanced technology to provide a lightning fast interface for text messaging customers who have responded to advertisements. Our software engineers are constantly working to add features and options to our software platform to help you close more deals.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Call Tracking
  • Multiple Numbers
  • Text Blast Feature
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Credit Applications
  • Internal Team Text Messaging
  • Use on any device
  • Easy to use

What Customers have to say

TECOBI® ONE CLICK TEXT is the fastest way to connect with new leads from an ad click. Don't take our word for it. See what our customers are saying!
Billy Merritt

Appointments that show sell cars. Tecobi is very good and appointments and helping me get them to show up and sell the cars. I don't know what the next big thing will be but as far as I am concerned. I love Tecobi...

- Billy Merritt, Auto Mall of Coffee
Mike Davenport

I tend to think that I am in front of the curve to find the most customers I can. As an individual sales person at a dealership that allows me to market myself when selling 30 40, plus cars per month...

- Mike Davenport, Bachman Chevrolet
Billy Goulette

I love the program itself but the people and customer service that you get behind the actual product is amazing! Reach out to Trevor if you need anything at all!

- Billy Goulette, Woburn Toyota
Doug MacIver

I can't describe the excitement we have for teaming up with TECOBI... We have sold 3 cars in our first week and I know it's only the beginning of big things to come!

- Doug MacIver, RideTime
Rico Glover

Men Lie, Women Lie But Numbers Don't Lie! I invested $1,500 in a campaign with Tecobi and made almost $10,000 after expenses. Awesome product and great team. The lead generation campaign worked beyond expectations.

- Rico Glover, Bryan Honda
Richard Tolsma

Wow! We signed up for TECOBI 2 weeks ago. We were up and running right away. We have sold 4 cars in one week off TECOBI and that is just scratching the surface! Asked for a few small changes to the App and was done the next day...

- Richard Tolsma, Corwin Auto Group
Colby Joyner

Tecobi has been nothing but AWESOME! Great staff and Jason and his team are well equipped to pump out the ads and generate the leads...

- Colby Joyner, Capitol Chevrolet
Mike Phillips

These guys are rock stars and the real deal in automotive advertising. They are cutting edge, innovative and responsive. If you are in automotive and not signed up - what are you waiting for?

- Mike Phillips, McCloskey Motors
John Carlson

A+++. Excellent Team Excellent Service. Their products are innovative and they are extremely responsive to all of your needs.

- John Carlson, Frank Hyundai
Betsey Arvai

Tecobi's text engine is a fantastic way to communicate with our customers. Many customers don't want to drill down into a form for a specific product or service and this feature allows them quick, easy access to our customer service team...

- Betsey Arvai, SkipperBuds


TECOBI® is the fastest way to connect with your auto leads. We make it easy to start the conversion with customers and drive sales!

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